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Over the past century, the Tank has evolved into many different forms and a number of lines of the original version were born from the initial design. However, Cartier has maintained the integrity of the design with each collection, which (in my opinion) makes this watch one of the most appealing watches on the market today. Although a lot of the modern versions use a quartz movement, even the biggest technical watch enthusiasts can't deny the Tank's appeal. Customization hasn't traditional been a part of the modern watch market – but it might soon be huge. One mystery to which I have paid some attention to is that of the so-called Solo dials. replica rolex watchs for sale Two easily interchangeable straps, one made of steel and the other made of blue rubber, help to match all clothing styles. It is no secret that the Cartier Tank is one of the most elegant watch designs of all time, and is possibly one of the most recognized timepieces – all this making it one of the most iconic timepieces ever produced.

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